Activity class’s offer a great deal to child and parent alike.

 An opportunity to share a fun and rewarding session on a regular basis. It helps parents monitor their child’s physical and mental development. Little Steps Classes help develop the following types of life skills.

  • Regular activity: Builds concentration and an understanding of routine.

  • Social interaction: Learning about the needs of others, through sharing and play.

  • Physical skills:  Developing a good skill basis for children to use in every day life, whether at the park or in the garden.

  • Confidence building: Mastering skills and being encouraged to trying new activities.

  • Build’s parent and child bond: An opportunity for the younger children to work with parent on a one to one basis, parents are asked to be involved during classes and work with their child developing a greater understanding of their child’s abilities.

  • Exercise is FUN: Giving children a positive attitude to exercise, encouraging them to enjoy and try new things. 

A good habit learnt young is one that will stay with them through the whole of their lives. 




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